Mission and vision

Mission and vision

“Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.”

― Isaac Asimov


To contribute to social transformation

To contribute to social transformation. To build a better society composed of aware, compassionate, resilient and fulfilled individuals by developing self-knowledge, emotional intelligence and critical thinking among children, parents and educators.


“An individual, a community, an entire world that is aware of her imperfection and of all the failures that will have to be faced and yet, consistently endeavors to be better everyday. This is Zera’s raison d’étre.”

―Sharoll Fernández, founder and CEO of Zera Bolivia

We believe that we are our own main and most committed educators. Building a wholesome society starts with ourselves and to become self-aware and responsible individuals we need the proper educational tools.

What is Integral Education?

1) Integral means essential and comprehensive, like a whole grain providing the best nourishment possible. We aim to provide tools for an integral/essential education, i.e. a whole, conscious and compassionate education. We can’t achieve an integral education without the necessary support and tools, which is why our work relies on three pillars – self-knowledge, emotional intelligence and critical thinking – and is supported by our learning tools (Instruments). 

2) Integral can also be understood in a more holistic perspective. We believe that education is a lifelong process which involves the body, mind and spirit. An integral education is one that englobes all aspects of life and of the individual: listening, caring, nurturing, appreciating and cultivating the body, mind and spirit.

Why is education so important?

  • Corruption, people trafficking, drug addiction, sexual abuse and many of the most troubling parts of our society are, in part, caused by a lack of education and awareness.
  • Individuals who are aware, informed and responsible can create a world with less injustice, inequalities and discrimination.
  • To cure the disease we need to treat the cause of the symptoms: education is the key as it will prevent the apparition of these issues.

How can we improve the education system?

We want to raise awareness of the importance of education and to create a culture based on the idea that every human being has the responsibility and the right to educate themselves. 

By adapting and making available resources and the work of educational specialist, we want to give each child the ability to think by herself and develop Self Knowledge, Emotional Intelligence and Critical Thinking. 

Our goal is to reach all the children of Bolivia by working with governments, schools, children’s hospitals, community centres and any organization affecting children direct or indirectly; and providing expert educational content, training courses and workshops. 

We focus on non-formal education with a strong emphasis on developing the qualities that are needed to become a fully-formed individual and/or leader.

“I firmly believe that education, like life, is only cultivated in an optimal way if one becomes aware of basic human needs: survival, somatic well-being, freedom of mind and identity of the spirit.”

―Sharoll Fernandez, founder and CEO of Zera Bolivia