Our Team

Our Team

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

 Nelson Mandela

Sharoll Fernández - Zera Team

Sharoll Fernandez


Aymara India Jewish artist born in La Paz, Bolivia. Sharoll, whose artistic name is Osnat Siñani, co-founded the Bolivian Express, the largest English-language sociocultural publication in Bolivia. She is a member of the social and political analysis group Jichha. She has taught Art History to trainee filmmakers, and her intense interest in how the intersection of art, knowledge and spirituality affects humanity has prompted her to work in education.  She wants to provide a conscious and integral educational experience.  

“I want to work for my local community and continue to spread peace and understanding through education. I want to deeply and properly comprehend all the contradictions and narrow circumstances that we as the Bolivian people face and to address them, in the most caring, understanding and effective way.  I want to contribute to freedom of thought and action, within my people, my country and the world. And I want to do that through education.”

Gabriel García - Zera Team-07

Gabriel García Daumen

co founder

Gabriel García Daumen, CFA, has 16 years of experience in equity and industry research, manager selection and portfolio construction. He is currently the Head of Research and Direct Investments at Stelac Advisory (a Multi-Family office) overseeing product selection for 40 families investing across multiple asset classes, geographical locations and investment structures. He is the former Head of Offshore Mutual Funds and Alternative Investments, UBS AG New York where he spent 8 years establishing the third party manager platform and providing recommendations on an asset class and portfolio level. Gabriel started his career in New York as an Equity Research analyst covering the Latin America Telco space with Deutsche Bank. He has a BA Economics from UCAB and a Masters in Finance from Brandeis University.

Tristan Chaim - Zera Team-07

Tristan Chaim

co founder

With a background in Organizational Psychology and IT Systems Management, Tristan specializes in assessing, developing and implementing new business models that leverage transformative technology. Leading winning teams at The World Bank’s Global Ideas for Action competition and 1st-prize at the 2017 & 2018 Consensys Hackathons, he is passionate about Blockchain’s potential for social impact and sustainability. He has lectured at Universities like NYU, Rutgers Business School, and CUNY, and speaks regularly at Blockchain conferences around the world.
Tristan tries to help the world. Sometimes he succeeds, sometimes he doesn’t. But he definitely tries.
Caroline Risacher - Zera Team-07



Caroline is an editor, journalist and researcher. Having worked for several international NGOs in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, she moved to Bolivia and is now working as the general editor of Bolivian Express. Her areas of interest are anthropology, sociology and politics.

Sophia Vahdati


A British poet, Sophia studied Latin American literature at the University of Cambridge and wrote her dissertation about San Pedro prison, an infamous prison in La Paz, Bolivia. She’s passionate about education and is now working on a documentary on race and social stratification in La Paz.

Wilmer Machaca - Zera Team-07

Wilmer Machaca


Wilmer studied Sociology at UMSA (Universidad Mayor de San Andrés) and Systems Engineering at USB. He was a member of the Katarista Indianista Movement MINKA, an activist from the Heroes’ Square from 2000 to 2005 and a College political leader from 2008 to 2012. He considers himself a cyber-activist on issues of Indianism, Katarism and indigenous people on Social Networks. He is a member of the Autonomy Forum, the Internet Bolivia foundation and the Jichha group.

Juan Pablo Vargas - Zera Qantatai Team-07

Juan Pablo Vargas Rollano

Content creator: Qantatai

Juan Pablo Vargas Rollano was born in La Paz, Bolivia, in 1992. He studied Literature at UMSA and graduated with a thesis about colonial poetry. Since 2013 he belongs to the research group “La crítica y el poeta”, directed by Mónica Velásquez; as part of the collective, he has published various studies about Bolivian poetry from the 19th and 20th centuries. It is also part of the Bolivian Society of Classical Studies SOBEC, since 2018. Currently he is devoted to teaching literature to high school students and to colonial literature research. He hosts Qantatai, the Bolivian Literature podcast.

Andrea Puente - Zera Qantatai Team-07

Andrea Puente Mancilla


Andrea Puente Mancilla was born in La Paz in April 1993. She has studies in Literature (UMSA) and Social Communication (UCB). He won the IX Poetry Contest for young Bolivian poets, for which she published Estuario (Editorial 3600) and later Cimarrón (Editorial 3600). An amateur baker, she hosts “How do you eat?”, A podcast about food, gastronomy and culture. She produces and edits Qantatai, the Bolivian Literature podcast.


Aldair Indra

designer & WEB DEVELOPER

Aldair Indra was born in La Paz, Visual Artist and Graphic Designer. She studied at the National Academy of Fine Arts, Animation in courses of the Simon I. Patiño Foundation, in addition to Languages and Sociology. She worked in the Design and Communication teams in independent institutions and events of Contemporary Art, in Bolivia and Chile.

“I want to live the experience of the work of art as a meeting point, DIALOGUE and recreation between human beings. These are proposals of fictitious solutions to the problems of the collective spiritual body ”.