“Intelligence plus character  ― that is the goal of true education.”

― Martin Luther King Jr.




These projects are ideas that we are working on and are still being developed.

Critical thinking – Just thinkers

“Critical thinking is essential to get to the root of our problems and develop reasonable solutions. After all, the quality of everything we do is determined by the quality of our thinking.”


–Dr. Linda Elder, President of the Foundation for Critical Thinking.


Every individual must learn to think by themselves and this thinking should be just, considerate and thorough. We have developed a programme that develops these qualities with simple yet entertaining strategies. We aim to give our children and teens life habits that will help them build an education of constant inquiry and growth. 

Critical thinking involves rigorous self-reflection and an open mind. This training course aims to help the participant reflect and develop these elements vital to critical thinking which are essential for an integral education and building a better society.

Our Critical thinking course will be organized around 10 sessions.



Soul Shakers is a dance programme for adolescents. Bolivian dances are used as a stimulus to connect with our culture and incite a debate on human nature and ways of expressing it.

We are working with professional dancers to create a series of three-part workshops that aim to arouse an interest in indigenous dances, a pride for cultural heritage and to develop a better understanding of themselves. 

Each session will include a video, discussion, a practical component and time for reflection on the dance and the concepts covered in relation to self-awareness and how to implement Zera’s instruments. 

Soul Shakers is a program that allows us to get in touch with our roots, our bodies and the potential impact that we can have upon the world.

Aventureros de la imaginación


A reading programme that aims to introduce the wonders of literature into the lives of children and young people.

Literature is a way of engaging and developing the imagination, it gives us the power to escape our own realities and to inhabit the lives and worlds of other characters. 

The aim is for Bolivian children to enter in dialogue with the authors and with characters from classic and modern literature by attending reading groups, sessions of stories read aloud and libraries for children and young people. 

Our dream is for children to be adventurers in their own imagined worlds; gifting them the ability to shape, reform and create their lives from a basis of ever-changing and inexhaustible narratives. This can stimulate creativity as well as offer consolation and direction throughout the more difficult moments of life.