What we do

What we do

One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world.

– Malala


  • We provide high-quality educational material to Bolivian children, especially those who have little to no access to education. 
  • We give workshops for children, young people and adults.
  • We provide training courses for educators.
  • We distribute learning and teaching material to children’s hospitals, women’s prison, schools and community centres around Bolivia.
  • We aim to create a space for debate and reflection on education theories (blog).

We currently work with:

  • Direction of Coordination for Equality Policies – Municipal Governement of La Paz 
  • Secretary of Education and Culture – Municipal Governement of La Paz 
  • The national penitentiary system: 16 centres spread in the 9 Bolivian departments
  • The national children’s hospitals network throughout the 9 Bolivian departments
  • Secretary for the Women and the Family in the Municipal Government of Tarija

We also work closely with the municipality of La Paz, Bolivia, providing training workshops to city workers, most notably the famous Zebras and the facilitators who help spread our mission.


The Zebras are urban educators who started by helping regulate traffic across the city. 

Now they also help in schools and working in community centers…

Training courses

The aim of our training courses and programs is to provide high-quality educational material and resources to children and adults that help foster Self Knowledge, Emotional Intelligence and Critical Thinking.