SFK – Winning the Game of Life

SFK – Winning the Game of Life

Winning the Game of Life 

Spirituality For Kids (SFK)

To help us deliver an integral education to children in Bolivia, we partnered with SFK, an independent, non-profit educational organization whose content has been evaluated, proving its effectiveness not only in the United States but in 21 other countries. We have been working together since 2015 and each year we strengthen and grow our alliance.

This step-by-step social emotional learning program teaches children how to understand and manage their emotions while equipping them with the tools to boost their confidence and ignite their compassion for others.

SFK helps children:

  • Have a stronger ability to manage tough emotions
  • Experience lower frustration levels and fewer clashes
  • Deepen their sense of responsibility
  • See challenges as opportunities
  • Express improved confidence, tenacity, and grit
  • Make wiser, more compassionate choices

The program can be aimed at children or adults. The teaching course of the program has 12 sessions and 2 levels that can be facilitated for groups up to 13 children (each one can be accompanied by a family member or tutor). We also organize training sessions for educators so they can teach in their organization the content of the SFK program.

More than 4,600 children in Bolivia who live with or visit their mothers in prison or have had a prolonged stay in a hospital this year, have benefitted from the SFK programs through government workers. This initiative has been possible thanks to the continuous collaboration between SFK and Zera Bolivia.