“We must not forget that our liberation is in our identity… ”

― Avelino Siñani

We haven’t yet filed for Zera Bolivia and we were supported by the non profit FUNDA – E. Juan Torrez, the director, kindly let us act under their name so we could officially present our projects and work to the Ministry of Education. All our path has been filled with people’s help and care.

On May 2016 we received a thank you letter from the Ministry of Education of Bolivia:

“From my highest consideration:

I acknowledge receipt of your note dated 12 May 2016, in which you kindly sent a copy of one of the 500 textbooks for children and facilitators for the Comprehensive Pedagogical Support Centers (CAIP), the same which are managed by the program Spirituality for Kids and the Foundation for Agroecological Development FUNDA-E in order to help with the work that is being done in the penitentiary centers by the CAIP.”

Lic. Roberto Iván Aguilar Gómez

Minister of Education

Council of Delegates Obrajes Female Orientation Center

In March 2015 Zera started giving classes to its first group. The Zera team went to a prison in Obrajes and taught a group of 13 children who live in the prison with their mothers. As a result of the positive changes seen in the children’s behaviour and mood, the mothers sent a letter to Zera asking if we could return to deliver the follow-up stage of the course:

Hereby we address you to thank you for having financed the course for the children of this center. Thanks to this and especially to the teachers of Light, the children of this center had many changes in attitude and spiritual wealth. It is for this reason that we cordially request that the second module of the course be implemented, which will strengthen these changes in the children of the Center.

Carta Penitenciaría Centro de Orientación Femenina de Obrajes a Michel Berg - Zera